Newton Dems endorse shuttering Pilgrim Nuclear plant

At their general meeting on Thursday, September 10 the members of the Newton Democratic City Committee endorsed a "yes" vote in November on a Newton municipal ballot question that asks whether voters should advice Governor Baker to close the Pilgrim Nuclear plant. The full text of the ballot question calling for the closure can be found here.

The activists in Newton who put the question on the ballot write the following:

On November 3rd, Newton voters will have an opportunity to have their voices heard on a non-binding ballot question as to whether the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA, 38 miles from Newton, should finally close because it is just too risky, dilapidated, and flat-out dangerous. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently rated it as one of the 3 least safe in the country, of 99, due to its frequent emergency shutdowns, whose root cause has not been found. A Pentagon-commissioned report rates it as one of the 8 most vulnerable to catastrophic attack because of its unprotected ocean cooling water intake. And a report from the Mass. Attorney General says that a loss of cooling would result in a fire with an estimated 24,000 cancers and $582 billion in damages, mostly uncompensated by Pilgrim, and uncovered by home insurance. And the kicker is that we won't miss it: Pilgrim provides only 2% of electrical capacity to the ISO New England pool, which projects a 12% to 20% reserve capacity over the next 10 years, so there's no worry about the lights going out.