National Campaign Update

Minnesota US Senate Seat: 2008 General Election Recount Battle
Al Franken (D) has a 225-vote lead over incumbent Norm Coleman (R) after a recount of the November election ballots in this race. Coleman sued in January to overturn Franken's lead, and the trial is in its 6th week.

This morning (Thurs 3/5/09) Franken and his lawyers asked the court "to dismiss all or vast portions of Republican Norm Coleman's case" claiming that Coleman and his lawyers "have failed to demonstrate a right relief for any of their claims."

- Information from article by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger posted at

Illinois 5th CD (NW side of Chicago, Evanston area): Primary Election

Held on Tues, March 3rd. Favored candidates in Democratic Primary, State Rep John Rtitchey and State Rep Sara Feigenholtz tied for 2nd place with 17% each. Cook County Commr Mike Quigley won with 23% It was a 12-way race! Winning the Primary is tantamount to winning election.

Green Party nominee is Matt Reichel, a peace activist. Republican nominee is Rosanna Pulido, a vocal anti-immigration leader. General election will be April 7th. It is a heavily Democratic district and Quigley is expected to win.

Information from Politics1 = American Politics, Elections, Candidates & Campaigns at New York 20th CD (Dutchess County, Columbia Co, Rensselaer Co, and north along the east bank of the Hudson River): Special General Election on March 31, 2009.
To replace Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand, who was appointed to Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat by Gov. Patterson. Candidates have been chosen by the county chairs of their parties, not in a primary election. Democratic candidate is businessman Scott Murphy (D), who hs never run for office. Republican candidate is NY State Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R). RNC Chair Michael Steele and the RNC are working hard for Tedisco. Not clear what the Democrats are doing to help Murphy.

The district is majority Republican, but Murphy is running hard. Gillebrand held theseat for 1 term after ousting an incumbent Republican caught in a scandal, then she won re-election in Nov, 2008.
- Information from The Washington Post at

California 32nd CD (Los Angeles area, east of downtown, incl El Monte):Special Election on May 19, 2009.
To replace Hilda Solis, Pres. Obama's choice for US Secretary of Labor who was just confirmed by the US Senate last week.
Not clear yet who candidates are. It is a Democratic district.
Dept. of Interior - Alaska News
State Senator Kim Elton (D) is resigning his seat to take the position of Director of Alaska Affairs in the US Dept. of the Interior. He was an Obama supporter during the presidential election campaign and urged an ethics investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin last year re the "trooopergate" scandal. - Information from The Anchorage Daily News website.

Other Primaries and Special Elections Coming in 2009:
June 2, 2009: New Jersey. Deadline for Candidates to file for Gubernatorial Primary
June 9, 2009: Virginia. Deadline for Candidates to file for Gubernatorial Primary
November 3, 2009: Gubernatorial General Elections in New Jersey and Virginia