Newton Dems Kick Up Heels At Citywide Caucus

Members of the Ward 2 Democratic Committee, Ruth Dain, Chair, Bill Dain, Jane Brown and Tim Snyder show off some fancy footwork before the caucus.Delegates for this years State Democratic Convention have been selected!  Recently, Each ward selected delegates and alternates to attend the annual Democratic State Convention in Springfield on June 6th.

Ward 1: Delegates - Carol Y. Kelley, Scott Lennon, Charles Rudnick, John Bliss
Ex-officio - Sally Rizzo, Max Goldsmith

Ward 2: Delegates - Bill Dain, Jack Porter, Bernie Goulding, Jane Brown, Mansi Saboori, Setti and Tassi Warren
Alternates - Steve Linsky, Brooke Lipsitt, Tom Concannon
Ex-Officio - Ruth Dain, Martina Jackson, Tim Snyder

Ward 3: Delegates - Tedd Hess-Mahan, Jim Callahan, Sam Turner, Kevin Conroy
Audrey Cooper, Leslie Burg, Anne Larner
Alternates - Norah Wylie, Joan Shultz, Ed Prisby
Ex-Officio - Ruth Smith

Ward 4: Delegates -
Alternates -
Ex-Officio - Ken Krems

Ward 5: Delegates -Donald F. Ross, Herbert W. Robinson, Anne N. Ross, Wanda Whitmore, Weslie Turner, Candice Turner

Ex-Officio - Liz Cody, Chuck Turner, Leon Braithwaite

Ward 6: Delegates - Anna Weisfeiler, Virginia Gross, Jocelyn Jones, Amanda Heller, Ann Barker, Michael
Avitzur, Aaron Goldman, Nathaniel Lichtin, Greg Schwartz, Shawn Fitzgibbons
Alternates - Mike Nogrady, Phil Lichtin, Kate Wissel
Ex-Officio - Barabara John

Ward 7: Delegates - Peter Cohen, Charles Eisenberg, Jeff Seideman, Carol Fulton, Mindy Peckler, Terri Yoffie
Alternates - Alexis Anderson
Ex-Officio - Lisle Baker

Ward 8: Delegates -
Alternates -
Ex-Officio - Dan Clifford

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