Election Day

What you can do on November 2:

1 - Contact supporters, make sure they vote.
  • What: Visit supporters at their home or call them to make sure they vote.
  • How: To canvass, go to NDCC HQ (map) and ask for a walk list.
  • How: To call go to the Carpenter's Union (map) or Vicki Danberg's home (map).
  • When: Any time tomorrow between 7 am and 8 pm.
2 - Poll check.
  • What: Check off supporters at a polling location when they vote.
  • Why: Knowing who has voted allows us to focus outreach on those who haven't.
  • How: Show up at HQ (map) any time today or tomorrow morning.
3 - Bring food to HQ.
  • What: Lots of hungry volunteers.
  • How: Show up to HQ (map) with food or beverages!
  • When: any time today or tomorrow.
4 - Celebrate with Dems on Election Night.
  • Newton Corner: Barney Frank Campaign party--8:30 pm, Crown Plaza (map).
  • Boston: Patrick Campaign party--8:30 pm, Park Plaza (map).