True Blue Massachusetts

Congratulations to the Governor and Lt. Governor, Steve Grossman, Suzanne Bump and all Dems who came out on top yesterday.

Dear Newton Democrats:

Congratulations on a spectacular victory!  So many of you gave so much to give all of the Democratic candidates a spectacular victory.  We did wonderfully well in Newton, pulling record numbers of people to the polls.  

You can take great pride in the scope of the Democratic win in Massachusetts, knowing that we bucked the national trend to return to irresponsible government, beholden to the fraction of one percent of Americans who benefit from deregulation, outsourcing, jobs without benefits, low wages, indifference to civil liberties and the rule of law.

We sit in the relative stability of Massachusetts.  Today, we demonstrated that we prefer to build rather than burn bridges.

Thank you for making  Massachusetts a  Democratic success story!

Best to all,

Martina Jackson, Newton Democratic City Committee Co-Chair