Notice of NDCC Reorganizing Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Newton North High School Auditorium 

As stipulated in their bylaws, every two years the ward committees and the City Committee of the Newton Democratic Party hold reorganization meetings to select officers.  These officers provide leadership and direction to the local Democratic Party in Newton during their two-year terms.  On April 15th, the City Committee will hold its reorganization meeting to elect its officers.  

For more information about the process of electing officers, click here.

We would like to announce a slate of candidates who are interested in helping to lead the City Committee.  In addition to the elected officers, the chairs of each committee will be confirmed by appointment of the elected officers for another two year term.  We would like to thank the candidates for these offices for their willingness to undertake these responsibilities for the next two year term.  We think that this is a strong and balanced team dedicated to building a stronger Democratic Party and electing Democratic candidates to office.

Elected Officers

Co-Chairs - Martina Jackson & Tim Snyder

Vice-Chair - Shawn Fitzgibbons

District Vice-Chair (2,4,6,8) - Joan McGrath

District Vice-Chair (1,3,5,7) - Carol Fulton

Recording Secretary - Jocelyn Jones

Corresponding Secretary - Ted Gross

Treasurer - Bill Sage

Affirmative Action Officer - Carol Kelley 

Positions to be Appointed by Elected Officers

Finance Committee Chair, Sam Glass

Membership Outreach Committee Chair, Shawn Fitzgibbons

Program/Issues/Legislation Committee Chair, Martina Jackson

Environmental Committee Chair, Greg Schwartz

Publicity Committee Chair, Caroline Schwarzwalder

Brunch Committee Co-Chairs, Audrey Cooper and Fay Cohen

NEWTV Committee Chair, Barbara John

National Campaigns Chair, Priscilla Leith