On to November

Great Democratic nominees for statewide office. From the left: Marilyn DeVaney, Kay Khan, Barney Frank, Ruth Balser, Suzanne Bump, Cindy Creem and Steve Grossman. Photo by Murad Taqqu.We are fortunate to have strong, successful candidates running for office this year.  We have a real shot at continuing the progress we have made in the last several years by re-electing and electing Democrats to federal and statewide office in the Commonwealth.

The Democratic nominees facing challenges from Republicans and Independents are listed below.  They need your help.  Please donate and sign on to volunteer so that we are sure to win this fall. 

Governor/Lt. Governor Deval Patrick & Tim Murray: Donate / volunteer 

Congressman Barney Frank: Donate / volunteer

Treasurer - Steve Grossman: Donate / volunteer

Auditor - Suzanne Bump: Donate / volunteer