Winning Now and in 2012

In addition to honoring the lifetime of civic engagement of Dottie Reichard, the focus of the Brunch and the keynote address by Tim Murray was on what we all can do to win now and next year.  To be effective, the Democratic Party must do more that just win elections.  Our success is measured by the ways in which our government makes our society work for all of us.  There are many ways that we can help the President and Congress, the Governor and the State Legislature craft and pass legislation that will make society work for 100% of us.  We need every Democrat to stay informed and engaged to win the battles between elections.  If our economy isn't working, let's fix it.  We have implemented solutions to many of our major problems in the past and we can continue to move forward in the future.

The election in 2012 will be pivotal for Massachusetts and for the nation.  Winning the Senate race here and re-electing the President are key to moving our country in right direction.  You can register on to get involved in the presidential campaign today.  We have established a group on that website, Newton,MA for Obama 2012, and there are events already scheduled here in Newton.  You can get your campaign materials at the Obama store and we will be producing some of our own here in Newton.  

Help build a better future today.