Chair of Mass GOP Donates to Democrats

MA GOP Chairman Bob MaginnSure, we know Democrats have the best shot at improving our country. But it's nice to know that Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Robert A. Maginn, Jr also agrees.

In 2010 he donated the maximum of $500 to Governor Deval Patrick's re-election campaign. And in 2009 he gave $2,400 to Democratic U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer. 

And, not only does he agree personally that some Democrats are fantastic, he also said of his contributions, "I believe that’s what Jesus would want me to do." 

Thank you, Chairman Maginn!

From the Boston Globe:

The state Republican Party’s new chairman, Robert A. Maginn Jr., gave Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, $500, the maximum allowable under state law, during Patrick’s reelection campaign last year.

It was not the first contribution to a Democrat made by Maginn, the chief executive of the software company Jenzabar Inc. In 2009, he gave $2,400 to US Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, a frequent target of conservatives.

In an interview yesterday, Maginn - a fund-raiser for Republicans, including Mitt Romney - acknowledged both of the across-the-aisle contributions.

His donation to Patrick, he said, was motivated by the governor’s support for a charity on whose board Maginn serves. That charity, One Family Inc., helps formerly homeless families and was founded by former Reebok chief executive Paul Fireman. It was Fireman who invited Maginn to the Patrick fund-raiser, a party that featured singer John Legend.

“Those of us that run the charity were asked to come and support’’ Patrick, Maginn said yesterday, noting that the governor “was supportive of our charity.’’

“I do a lot of charity because as a follower of Jesus, I believe that’s what Jesus would want me to do,’’ he added.