Brown: Darling of Wall Street

Center for Public Integrity Highlights MA Senate Race

The Center for Public Integrity has a great new article about Republican Senator Scott Brown's unprecedented support from Wall Street.

In his two Senate races, Brown’s top five contributors included four financial giants: Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., and Liberty Mutual Insurance, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The most generous donor has been FMR Corp., the parent of Fidelity Investments, chipping in at least $97,000 to his campaign committees from  executives and  the firm’s PAC.

Executives and PACs affiliated with Goldman Sachs pumped at least $60,500 into Brown’s coffers; at least $51,000 from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance; and at least $46,000 from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Wall Street executives and the US Chamber of Commerce are going to pump millions of dollars into our state to defeat the nominee of the Democratic Party. We the people need to be prepared to fight back with grassroots energy to make sure we have someone that represents OUR interest in the US. Senate.