Conversation with Barney Frank

Thanks to NewTV and NewTV News Director Jenn Adams for a fantastic 30 minute interview with Congressman Barney Frank. Not since his retirement announcement has a news organization anywhere in the nation been able to have an in-depth conversation with the Congressman about his decision and plans for  the future. Watch the video below and click here to visit NewTV for more fantastic local programming. Click here to become a member of NewTV.

Newton News: Barney Frank Up Close

Congressman Barney Frank has been in the political arena for decades.  Frank started out as a political aide before winning his first elected position in 1972 as a Democratic Representative for the 4th then 8th Suffolk Districts in Massachusetts.  He decided to set his sights higher when Father Robert Drinan stepped down as US Representative for the 4th Congressional District in 1980.  Frank won with 52 percent of the vote against Republican Richard Jones.  Frank has remained in this seat since 1981.  But now Congressman Frank has decided to retire and is here in the studio to discuss his decision to step down as well as what he has done in the past and what he may do in the future.

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