Vote for President Obama in the March 6th Primary

The 2012 Presidential Primary in Massachusetts is on March 6th.  All Democrats and unenrolled voters in Newton can vote in the Democratic Primary for President Obama and for members of their ward committee.  Even though he is unopposed, President Obama needs every voter to cast their vote of support for his campaign for re-election.  The polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, March 6th and it only takes a few minutes.  This year you can vote twice for President Obama, once in March and again in November.  Vote for Obama for a better future.

This is the first election when the new redistricting is in effect.  Some voters will vote at a different polling place now.  There is a new precinct (Ward 2, Precinct 4) with a polling place at the Newton Free Library.  Every resident should have received a confirmation of their polling place with their census form.  If you have any concerns about where you should vote, you can contact the Election Commission (617-796-1350).  Vote in the primary so you are prepared for subsequent elections.

There are many important elections this year in addition President Obama’s campaign for re-election.  The Senate campaign to defeat Wall Street Republican Scott Brown and the race in the 4th Congressional District where Barney Frank is currently the representative are pivotal.  Newton voters, volunteers and supporters are crucial to Democratic victories in all of these.  Visit our website, to find out how you can help.  We need every vote, volunteer and supporter to succeed.


Help us win the future,


Martina Jackson and Tim Snyder, Co-Chairs, Newton Democratic City Committee