Obama Campaign Events in Newton

The campaign to re-elect President Obama is gearing up early this year and is part of the coordinated Democratic campaign.  There will be a campaign kick-off prior to the caucus at noon on Saturday, February 11th at Newton South High School.  Carl Nilsson, the OFA staffer for Massachusetts, will speak about the ways people can help with the campaign here in Massachusetts and volunteers can sign up for upcoming events.  On Wednesday, February 15th, there will be a cell phone back in Newton Centre.  You can RSVP for this event on the BarackObama.com website.  On Sunday, February 19th, there will be door-to-door canvassing in Newton and you can RSVP for this event on the BarackObama.com website. There will 2 shifts: noon and 2 pm.   There will be a fundraiser in Newton for the President on February 23rd, see additional details on the website.  All Democrats and unenrolled voters are encouraged to vote for President Obama in the Presidential primary on Tuesday, March 6th.