April 12: Organizing Meeting

NOTICE: To Democratic Ward Committee members



As stipulated in their bylaws, every two years the ward committees and the City Committee of the Newton Democratic Party hold reorganization meetings to select officers.  These officers provide leadership and direction to the local Democratic Party in Newton during their two-year terms.  

For more information about the process of electing officers, click here.

Newton Democratic Reorganization Meeting
Thursday, April 12, 2012
  • 7:00 pm - Ward Reorganization
  • 8:00 pm - Citywide Reorganization
  • Newton South High School Auditorium - Free Parking
Each ward committee will be electing its officers:
  • Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary (perhaps Recording and Corresponding) and Affirmative Action/Outreach Officer
  • Only members of the ward committee will be eligible to vote.  In person voting only, no absentee ballots or proxies.
Citywide elections:
  • Chair, Vice-Chair, District Vice-Chairs (East-1,2,7,8 and West-3,4,5,6), Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Affirmative Action/Outreach Officer, and Environmental Officer
  • Only members of the ward committees will be eligible to vote.  
  • Method of voting: In person voting only, no absentee ballots or proxies. 
  • Voting will be done by signed ballot for contested elections.
  • The ballot will have three lines on it. the first line will be the officer being voted on, second will be the signature of the person voting and third will be name printed of the person casting the ballot. The signature and printing of name ensures that the person casting the ballot agrees to that vote. Ballots will be kept for 30 days for any question and for observation by any member.