Our Senate Candidate

Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic State Convention. Photo from the Boston Globe.

Dear fellow Democrats,

We have our Democratic candidate for United States Senate. 

Yesterday, at the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, Elizabeth Warren won an historic 96% of delegates' votes. She was the only candidate to qualify for the Democratic Primary ballot. She's now our Party's candidate, and she's ready to win.
It's critical that she does. Warren said it best yesterday: "It's a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown." Yes, it is. Brown is wildly out of touch. Just check out his voting record - is he from Massachusetts, or Texas?

This morning, I made another donation to the Warren campaign. Please join me in doing so - even $5 or $10 dollars will help - and then sign up to volunteer if you haven't already.

Elizabeth Warren is an amazing leader. She will carry on Ted Kennedy's legacy of achievement for the Democratic Party, and she will be the first woman ever elected to the United States Senate from Massachusetts. Our grassroots power will make it happen. Let's get out there and win!

Shawn Fitzgibbons
NDCC Co-Chair