Newton Democrats Condemn Republican Voter Suppression


Monday, September 23, 2012

Newton Democratic City Committee Condemns Republican Efforts
to Undermine Democracy in the 2012 Presidential Election.  

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A Resolution condemning voter suppression laws, which have been unconscionably ignored by Mitt Romney and championed by Republican leaders including Senator Scott Brown, was adopted by scores of Newton Democratic City Committee members during a meeting at Newton North High School on Sunday, September 23.

“The Newton Democratic City Committee has joined the growing chorus of voices that is taking a stand against the attempted disenfranchisement of thousands of United States citizens who have painstakingly won the right to participate in our democracy,” said Martina Jackson, chair of the City Committee as committee members overwhelmingly expressed their disapproval of some states and their partisan politicians for having employed disturbing tactics to make it harder for people to exercise their most fundamental right of citizenship, the right to vote.

Undertaken by Republican led legislatures with collaborating governors and others, Voter Suppression Laws, often described as Voter-ID Laws with the pretext of preventing voter fraud (in reality, virtually non-existent),  include limiting or eliminating early and weekend voting and extended voting hours, and imposing a myriad of new ID requirements, putting a severe burden on thousands of voters.  These steps roll back a century of hard-won efforts to expand voting rights and knock down unconscionable barriers to full electoral participation.

“Here in Massachusetts, Senator Scott Brown registered his disgust when voter registration forms were sent to poor people on welfare. He ignored the real world of hard-fought-for and harder-won democracy, where everyone should be given a chance to have a voice in their own government In Scott Brown’s alternate world, poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote because Brown worries they won’t vote his way,” said Shawn Fitzgibbons, co-chairman of the NDCC.

The Resolution, written by Frank Wolpe, Ward 8 Democratic Committee Member and NDCC Executive Committee Member, declares that Republican efforts to suppress voting:

  • Chip away at our American values, including the core value of inclusiveness;
  • Represent the first painful rollback in voting rights since the Jim Crow era, with such voter-ID laws deliberately disenfranchising and cherry picking voters;
  • Depict selected eligible voters as ineligible second-class citizens, undeniably-targeting minorities, young people, elderly, and poor people for no other reason than politics;
  • Violate the principle that our nation has not and should not solve anything with less democracy rather than more, especially after so many gallant Americans have fought, struggled, and died to protect and expand voting rights; and
  • Kindle a potential political and Constitutional crisis because of the efforts of Republicans to rig an American Presidential election.

The Newton Democratic City Committee leads the efforts of the Democratic Party in Newton. Its over 300 person strong members are active in local, statewide and national politics. Learn more and read the full Resolution at