Congratulations Ed Markey: Now Let's Get to Work

The NDCC Congratulates Congressman Ed Markey on his victory on Tuesday. Markey is a fantastic candidate and we need him to win on June 25.

According to a recent poll Markey is ahead of Republican Nominee Gomez by just four points. Four points.

This is going to be a tough battle and we need to work harder than ever to make sure a Democrat represents Massachussets in the United States Senate.

This weekend: 

  • We will be canvassing in 2/4 for Ed Markey on Sunday, May 5th to identify Markey supporters and to acquaint the new precinct with the June 25th election and their new polling place.  2/4 is a hybrid: 2/2, 2/3, and 6/4 - all heavy voter turnout precincts.  Our mission will be to reactivate the voters and introduce them to their new polling place, the Newton Free Library.
  • Please join us at 458 Newtonville Avenue from 11-2 or 2-5 and bring friends.