Call for Canvassing Volunteers in Ward 5: Reach Out to Less Active Democratic Voters

There are so many great candidates in this year's Democratic Primary, it's hard for a supporter to know which one to work for. Well, how about all of them? Remember how John Walsh kept suggesting that our ward committees go out and talk to some of our less active voters? With such a great slate in the primary, this is the perfect time to do that! 

Herb Robinson and other Ward 5 members will be organizing an effort to do that in Ward 5. In order to have something positive to talk about when we visit the voters, the plan is to gather literature from all 22 candidates in the primary and deliver it to the less active voters to see how many of them we get out for the primary and the general election. This is a candidate neutral effort: We will NOT be promoting specific candidates nor will we be gathering IDs for any primary races.
We would like to know how many people would be interested in canvassing for this effort (starting mid­august through the primary). We are also looking for a few people to help collate literature and someone who has a large table we can use for an evening (second week of August). If you would like to help out, please send an e­mail to