Running for Ward Committee in 2012

Did you know that most Democratic Ward committee members are elected officials? Every four years--during the presidential primary--Democrats who want to be party leaders at the local level appear on the ballot to be elected by members of their party to a ward committee. They can run as individuals or, more commonly, with a Ward's slate of candidates for a four-year term. The process is gearing up now for the election next year.

Click here for a detailed Q&A

Here are the basics: 

  • Want to run? Email your ward chair.
  • Been a member for 20 years or more? You don't need to run.
  • Key date #1 - Aug 16: Last day to enroll in the party.
  • Key date #2 - Nov. 4: Last day to submit your name.
  • Click here for a helpful handbook published by Sec. of State Galvin's office
  • Click here to see a ballot from 2008 (it's a Ward 6 ballot)