Solar jobs in MA at Risk! Join Sen. Creem, Reps. Balser and Khan on 1/14 to hear what you can do

A message from Emily Norton, Ward 2 Dem and executive director of the Sierra Club of Massachusetts.

Dear Friend,

The Massachusetts state legislature is considering a bill that would severely curtail the solar industry in our state. It would:

  • Reduce the reimbursement rate for electricity produced by solar to such an extent that it would make many projects economically infeasible, including some of the projects the City of Newton has planned;
  • Hike caps to stifle the number of solar installations
  • Impose new charges on its customers.

In short, electric utilities are trying to severely curtail the solar industry because they fear it cuts into their profits and the subsidies they and the carbon industry presently enjoy.

The solar industry employs nearly 15,000 Mass workers, is a clean, carbon-free form of energy, and provides additional value for the Commonwealth by keeping energy dollars here at home instead of exporting them to carbon-fuel producing states. 

Please join us for a discussion with State Rep. Ruth Balser, State Rep. Kay Khan, and State Senator Cynthia Creem as well as experts from the solar industry, to understand more about what is at stake and what YOU can do about it. 

WHERE: Newton City Hall cafeteria (Basement level), 1000 Commonwealth Ave.

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 7:30-9:00 PM