Hope-for the Senate. Update from Priscilla Leith on the chances of a Dem majority

See the data here, and here is a great update from Priscilla!

     My predictions at this point:
The Democrats have a good chance, based on the financial reports posted as of 9/30/2015 (the latest I've found available, altho more were due on 12/31/15), of winning in 3 states currently held by Republicans in order to give us control of the US Senate.  Help needed in Nevada for whomever takes the lead in the race for the Dem nomination!
    FLORIDA (vacant seat of Marco Rubio) where Cong Patrick Erin Murphy is fundraising 2-1 better than Cong. Ron DeSantis, the leading fundraiser.
    ILLINOIS (currently held by Sen Mark Kirk, who is ill) where Cong Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War vet who lost her leg in the war, is doing better at fundraising than incumbent Mark Kirk.
    WISCONSIN (currently held by 1st term incumbent Ron Johnson) where Russ Feingold, former Senator, has raised $4.8M against the incumbent.  The incumbent has yet to file a financial report with the FEC, which sounds illegal.  Maybe he won't run for re-election???  But then who would run?  Gov. Scott Walker???

Other observations:
    CALIFORNIA.  Looks like a sure win for Kamala D. Harris, current CA Attorney General and retaining Barbara Boxer's seat.
    COLORADO.  Incumbent Sen Michael Bennet is keeping up with the lead Republican fundraisers, while the number of Republican candidates keeps increasing!  There are now12 of them.
    IOWA.  Dems now have 4 candidates running against Sen. Chuck Grassley, but almost no chance of beating him, in my opinion.
    KENTUCKY.  Sen. Rand Paul is running again for his Senate seat and also running for President.  He will probably drop out after the Iowa caucuses and NH Primary and concentrate on winning for Senate.
    LOUISIANA.  Open seat, where Sen. David Vitter is not running.  Lots of competition for the Republican nomination - 6 candidates, including 2 incumbent Members of Congress.  But no Democratic candidates so far.
    NEVADA.  Needs work, in fundraising and otherwise, by Catherine Cortez Masto, the lead candidate.  She only has raised $2.5M vs. Cong. Joe Heck's $2.8M and 3 other Republican candidates.  This is Harry Reid's seat, and we must not lose it.
    NEW HAMPSHIRE. Maggie Hassan is Dem candidate, but has not yet filed any financial reports.  Incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte has already raised $3.1M.  She needs to get to work.  Not yet a place to send MA volunteers to do canvassing, unless she gets her fundraising operation in high gear pretty soon.
    NEW YORK.  Sen. Chuck Schumer has raised $9.8M so far, more than any other Dem candidate for Senate.  Perhaps he has money to give away?  He has 3 unknown Republican opponents. 
    PENNSYLVANIA.  Incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey looks unbeatable.  He has raised $6.3M vs. lead Dem fundraisers Joe Sestak, a former Member of Congress, and Katie McGinty $1.0M, the EMILY's List candidate.