Statements by State Committee Candidates Jay Harney and David Albright

Jay and David are talented activists who are running to be your next State Committee Man from Senator Cindy Creem's District. Here are statements they prepared at the NDCC's request about their candidacies. 

Jay Harney

I’m a lifelong Newton resident, longtime Democratic activist, and 7th term City Councilor. I’m an attorney with private and public sector experience, and a 20 year member of SEIU. My wife and daughter are public school teachers, and I strongly support educators, unions and collective bargaining. I believe everyone deserves a great education and high quality health care, and on the State Committee, I’ll continue to fight for Planned Parenthood, a livable minimum wage, a serious plan to fight climate change, tougher gun laws, to expand addiction prevention and recovery programs, and repeal Citizens United.

The most important qualifications for this Caucus Seat are having the ability to work with people, to organize, energize, lead and attract volunteers in canvasses, phone banks and visibilities. These are the things I have successfully done for the local and state Democratic Party and for local, state and national Democratic candidates. This is why I have earned the support of Attorney General Maura Healey, Treasurer Deb Goldberg, former State Democratic Chair John Walsh, State Senator Cindy Creem, State Representative Ruth Balser, Mayor Setti Warren, City Council President Scott Lennon, School Committee Chair Matt Hills and many other state and local officials and activists. They know that I am someone they can rely on to get the job done for the Democratic Party and the NDCC. Experience, dedication and the ability to mobilize and work with people are what really matter and that’s why I am asking for your support at our caucus on March 6th.

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David Albright

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to all of you and talk about why it is I have decided to run for a seat on the Democratic State Committee. For those of you for whom I have not yet met I am a lifelong resident of Newton, a graduate of Newton North, Skidmore College and the University of Maine School of Law. I have been a registered Democrat since the age of eighteen. Last fall in the midst of our city council election, while running my mother, Susan’s, reelection campaign I discovered that I had right instincts and the abilities needed to run a campaign.  On election night, back in November, following my mom’s win,  I spoke with Martina about the possibility of getting involved with the Clinton Campaign, I have been organizing for our New Hampshire canvasses and I am now working steadily to organize Massachusetts for HIllary.

To understand why it is that I am running it helps to understand that the Democratic State Committee is the body that sets the agenda for the democratic party. If we want to have our state party and elected officials pursue a progressive agenda we must elect progressives to the state committee.  I am a progressive, I believe in pay equity, the right to form a union, a woman’s right to choose, and equal rights for all Americans. 

In our recent municipal election newton voters were presented with a choice to validate our progressive values and move forward as an inclusive community or close our doors and become an exclusive one.  Our choice to remain inclusive reflects my own personal belief system, and I would also say it reflects our shared Democratic values. The lack of affordable housing in Massachusetts is a crisis and one that all our representatives must be willing to confront. One way of doing that is use the institutional apparatus of the Democratic Party to push that discussion forward.

    I also feel that the state committee must recruit more people especially  younger activists who are willing to take part in the political process. These people should be encouraged to join town and city committees, take part in town elections and maybe even run for office.  Republicans are extremely effective at recruiting people to run for down ballot races and we must mirror these efforts without delay. We must look to Parent Teacher Organizations, Churches, Synagogues and other Civic Organizations to find the people taking leadership roles and then convince them that their values are reflected in the values of the democratic party. These are the people who may some day be our city councillors, state representatives and senators or even members of Congress.