Statement from NDCC officers seeking re-election on April 7

Holly Ryan, Shawn Fitzgibbons and Sharon Stout

Holly Ryan, Shawn Fitzgibbons and Sharon Stout

A message from candidates for re-election as NDCC officers Shawn Fitzgibbons, Sharon Stout, Holly Ryan, Robert Fitzpatrick, Bill Sage, Joan McGrath and Carol Fulton


Every two years members of the Newton Democratic City Committee gather to elect officers who guide the activities of our Party in Newton and beyond. At 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 7 of this year (location TBD) the NDCC and its wards (except Ward 1) will once again hold their leadership elections. Please mark this date on your calendar and make every effort to attend.

Today, we are writing as a group with the hope that you will support us for re-election. Together, we have worked hard to do everything possible to elect Democrats and engage people in the cause and values that we all hold so dear. Over the last two years we have led organizing efforts for statewide campaigns, helped advance issue-focused ballot initiatives and strengthened the core of our local Party. A few of our achievements are highlighted below:

  • Led a strong Democratic campaign in Newton for Massachusetts executive offices

  • Strongly supported issue campaigns like paid sick leave and minimum wage at the state level, and gender equality and human rights in Newton

  • Brought our committee’s financial position to its strongest level in many years

  • Increased our membership rolls to the highest levels in many years

  • Placed young people in positions of leadership at the ward and city level, and through internship programs

  • Modernized all of our electronic communications including one of the state’s best websites for a local committee, an email list with over 6,000 subscribers, and a strong social media presence

  • Enthusiastically communicated that our committee is open and welcoming to all Democrats

Going forward we will work hard to make sure a Democrat is sworn in as President on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. We will strongly support the re-election campaign of our Congressman Joe Kennedy III. We will fight to support our local state legislative seats and we will continue to make sure we are championing progressive values in Newton and beyond that are so important to all of our members.

We hope you will support us for re-election, and most importantly, that you will continue to stay involved as dedicated members of our family of Democrats. Please reach out any time with questions or comments. Thank you for everything you do for the Democratic Party in Newton.

Your candidates for re-election,

Shawn Fitzgibbons for NDCC Chair

Sharon Stout for NDCC Co-Chair

Holly Ryan for NDCC Vice-Chair

Robert Fitzpatrick for NDCC Secretary

Bill Sage for NDCC Treasurer

Carol Fulton for NDCC District Vice Chair, East

Joan McGrath for NDCC District Vice Chair, West