Important information about upcoming caucuses - convention, state committee election

A message from Robert Fitzpatrick, Secretary of the NDCC - important upcoming dates/elections:

Tuesday, March 1: Massachusetts Presidential Primary
Vote for your preferred Democratic Presidential candidate AND for the members of your Ward Committee for the next four years. Most current members (excluding those who have 20-year status) have signed a ward slate. If you did not sign the slate but would like to be re-elected to the committee, you can be elected on March 1 as a write-in candidate. You must receive at least five votes and finish in the top 35 (which shouldn't be a problem). Email if you would like to join in this way.

Sunday, March 6, 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm - two caucuses:

1. Caucus to Elect State Convention Delegates

Open Democratic State Committee Seat

With Ken Parker of Ward 6, our state senate district's current male "caucus" state committee member, having served for 20 years, his seat is opening up. Because two candidates (Jay Harney and David Albright, both of Newton) have declared their candidacy, we will be going through this process for the first time in 20 years. Martina Jackson has been named by the state party to oversee the process.

  • It is a two-step process:

    1. Caucus to Elect Delegates:

      • Each ward will hold a caucus to elect delegates to a special convention the state party will organize (see Step 2 below).

      • This first step, the ward caucuses, must take place by March 14. We will hold them on Sunday, March 6, immediately following the caucus to elect state convention delegates.

    2. Convention to Elect State Committee Members: The state party will hold a special convention in our senate district on Saturday, March 26 at 10:00 a.m. (location TBD, but within Newton, Brookline, or Wellesley). At that convention the delegates elected from each Newton ward, plus Brookline  and the part of Wellesley in Senator Creem's district, will elect our next male "caucus" state committee member.

Newton Ward Delegate Allocation

  • Newton’s delegate allocation is as follows:

    • Ward 1: 8 delegates (4 female. 4 male)

    • Ward 2: 10 delegates (5 female, 5 male)

    • Ward 3: 10 delegates (5 female, 5 male)

    • Ward 4: 8 delegates (4 female. 4 male)

    • Ward 5: 10 delegates (5 female, 5 male)

    • Ward 6: 10 delegates (5 female, 5 male)

    • Ward 7: 8 delegates (4 female. 4 male)

    • Ward 8: 8 delegates (4 female. 4 male)

  • This delegate allocation is the same as for the state convention, with two important differences:

    • Where a ward’s delegation is an odd number, state party rules require rounding up to the next even number. Delegates must be evenly divided between female and male.

    • The chair is not a delegate ex officio and must be duly nominated elected to serve as a delegate to the March 26 special conference.

  • As with contested statewide races, individuals may run for delegate pledged to a particular candidate, or as uncommitted delegates.

  • Forming slates and publicizing them is permitted, but delegates must be elected individually, not as a slate.

Like the regular annual caucus, any Democrat registered in the ward may be elected delegate. Unlike the regular annual caucus, only ward committee members may nominate and vote for delegates.

  1. Caucus to Elect Delegates to March 26 Conference (following first caucus, registration closes 15 minutes after time meeting is called.)

  • PURPOSE: To elect delegates to a special conference in our state Senate district on Saturday, March 26, where they will elect a new member of the Democratic State Committee. Newton Democrats Jay Harney and David Albright are running for the seat.

  • WHO MAY BE ELECTED DELEGATE?: Any voter registered as a Democrat in the ward.

  • WHO MAY NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR DELEGATE?: Only members of the Democratic ward committee.

  • WHO MAY VOTE?: Only members of the Democratic ward committee.


Thursday, April 7: NDCC and Ward Reorganization Meeting

We will gather to elect the citywide NDCC officers and Ward officers for the next two years.

Saturday, April 23: Caucus to Elect District-Level Delegates to the National Convention

Some of Massachusetts's 144 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (July 25-28) are apportioned among the state's congressional districts. Our district (the 4th-Rep. Joe Kennedy) has 7 delegates apportioned. Those 7 seats will be further apportioned among presidential candidates based on their respective vote total within the congressional district at the March 1 primary. Each candidate's supporters will gather at a caucus on Saturday, April 23, to select which people will fill the delegate slots awarded to that candidate. Any Democrat registered in the 4th Congressional District by next Wednesday, February 10, 2016, may run for delegate, nominate a delegate, or vote for delegate.