Training with Elizabeth Warren

An important message from Senator Elizabeth Warren....

In 2012, you helped us build the biggest grassroots campaign army that Massachusetts had ever seen. Now the next big election is just six months away – and we all need to be ready.

This month, our PAC for a Level Playing Field is launching a Campaign Training Camp for Massachusetts progressives. These two-day weekend trainings will run on two tracks -- one for volunteers and activists and one for people interested in a future career working on campaigns.  Both will help develop the tools and skills needed to win elections.

Are you interested in participating in our first PAC for a Level Playing Field Campaign Training Camp, or do you know someone who might be? Click here to learn more and fill out your application.

PAC for a Level Playing Field Campaign Training Camp

Boston, MA: Saturday, May 21 – Sunday, May 22, 2016
Boston Application Deadline: Friday, May 13

Springfield, MA: Saturday, June 11 – Sunday, June 12, 2016
Springfield application deadline: Friday, June 3

Space is Limited - Please Apply As Soon As Possible!

In the last four days before our 2012 election, our grassroots volunteers knocked on more than 600,000 doors. And on Election Day, more than 20,000 people volunteered and knocked on almost 400,000 doors. Our grassroots campaign numbers were unlike any we've ever seen in Massachusetts.

And that’s what why we’re holding these campaign trainings. Imagine what a grassroots force like ours could do for campaigns all across the country? Imagine what we could do together to take back the Senate, keep the White House, the elect Democrats up and down the ballot?

Some of our top campaign staff members will be leading these Campaign Training Camps – and I’ll be stopping by too. Would you like to join us, or do you know someone who would? Learn more and sign up now.

Thanks for being a part of this,


P.S. We’ll be having dozens of people attend our PAC for a Level Playing Field trainings, and we’re going to need coffee, pizzas and training materials for all of them. Even if you can’t attend a training yourself, maybe you could chip in to help as many people as possible attend? Even $5 makes a difference. Thank you!