Newton Democrats overwhelmingly say: NO outsourcing NPS custodial union jobs

Update as of December 22, 2016: State Labor Relations board files a complaint against the Newton School Committee for negotiating in bad faith and for "prohibited practices". Read the full complaint here. 

Your action steps: write to the Newton School Committee as noted below:

On June 2 the membership of the Newton Democratic City Committee voted unanimously and overwhelmingly to stand with the Newton Custodial Association to say loud and clear:

  1. We strongly support protecting collective bargaining rights of Newton unions.
  2. We oppose outsourcing custodial jobs in the Newton Public Schools.
  3. We oppose the hiring of non-union, contract custodians in the Newton Public Schools.
  4. We oppose any effort, of any kind, to reduce custodians' compensation and/or benefits. 

The Newton Democratic City Committee joins state and national Party organizations in strongly supporting unions and, along with that, ensuring fair wages and benefits for all workers. We are deeply concerned by the direction the Newton School Committee and its chairman Matt Hills is taking in its negotiation with the Newton Custodians. We hope that our home community will remain a place that ensures workers are fairly compensated.

  • We call upon all Newton Democrats to email the Newton School Committee to express support for this position at: This email address will reach all members.

Newton Custodians make reasonable wages and have full benefits. Newton should not join a race to the bottom by slashing wages and benefits for the working poor in our city.