Know a high schooler who wants to be involved in Dem Party politics?

The NDCC is glad to share a message from Jeremy Ornstein, a rising senior at Watertown High School. If you know a high school student in Newton who may want to join the MA High School Dems, please contact him directly at

I'm the Chair of Massachusetts High School Democrats. For the past year or so, MHSD has been doing grassroots work for the Democratic Party all across the state. We've registered high school seniors to vote in the primary this past spring, have been canvassing for leaders from Mike Brady in Brockton this past fall, to Hillary Clinton, for the presidential election! We've also been busy developing new chapters, from Framingham to Springfield to Belmont. 
    Now, as school is starting and the election is racing towards us, we're making both the Newton North and Newton South High Schools target schools for new chapters. I personally know several people in Newton at both high schools, but we were wondering if the Newton Democratic Committee would have any other names they would like to share with us. We're looking for politically passionate high schoolers; it doesn't matter their grade or previous experience- if they want us, we want them.
    The first action of this new Newton chapter, (or two chapters, if both high schools became active) is going to be a voter registration drive. As of August 15th, 16-year olds and older can pre-register to vote- when they turn 18, they are automatically registered. The Newton chapter's first goal would be to pre-register all students in both high schools who can and want to. 

Jeremy Ornstein
Chair of Massachusetts High School Democrats