Congratulations to Joan McGrath: 2017 Martina Jackson Delegate Award Winner

In 2014 the Newton Democratic City Committee announced the creation of an annual award - the "Martina Jackson Delegate Award" - in honor of State Committee Member and all-around powerhouse activist Martina Jackson's long-time service as chair of the NDCC.

Each year, one of Newton's approximately 80 delegates to the State Convention is chosen by the Newton Democratic City Committee's executive board to receive the award. The criteria? To be a person who is "all in" - an activist who demonstrates the highest commitment to the Democratic cause through their hard work on campaigns. This is a tall order among convention delegates, who are already incredibly dedicated activists. The winner receives fame, glory and a free ticket to the Convention ($75)!

Joan McGrath (right) on one of many trips to New Hampshire canvassing for Hillary Clinton. 

Joan McGrath (right) on one of many trips to New Hampshire canvassing for Hillary Clinton. 

The 2016 Martina Jackson Delegate is: Joan McGrath of Ward 4

Joan is someone who everyone admires for her unquestioning dedication, passion for the cause and complete commitment to the cause of the Democratic Party. Regardless of how hard the political winds are blowing, Joan can be counted on to be there--to help get the job done no matter what. This is a great skill and one that is well deserving of recognition. Of many examples, Joan is one of the core organizers each year of the Newton Dems annual fundraising brunch - an event with many complexities involving important political speakers from Newton and around the state - and all kinds of different people giving opinions about how the event should go. Joan is always polite, positive and there to help any way she can. She deserves an enthusiastic standing ovation from all those who care about Democratic activism.

From the NDCC, Thank you Joan for everything you do. You are the best.

Past awardees include:

  • Susan Davidoff, Ward 1 (2014)
  • Helene Stein, Ward 8 (2015)
  • Ruth Dain of Ward 2 (2016)