Election 2017: Newton and Beyond - Congratulations Mayor-Elect Fuller


Yesterday was a big day in Newton and beyond. Locally, hard-fought races were won and lost. Newton is fortunate to have so many dedicated people willing to serve. Hopefully, all who ran, volunteered and voted are proud of what was accomplished.

Here are some highlights from Election Day 2017:

Newton - click here for full results:

  • Mayor: Congratulations to Ruthanne Fuller, first ever woman to be mayor-elect of Newton, for her victory, and to Scott Lennon for a very strong campaign. Both candidates had citywide support ... the election was decided by only a few hundred votes.
  • On the City Council, congratulations to Democrats Jay Ciccone, Alison Leary, Maria Greenberg, Susan Albright, Jake Auchinchloss, Andrea Kelly, Deb Crossley, Andreae Downs, and Brenda Noel who won contested races.
  • In the Ward 4 Councilor race, we are awaiting final results.
  • On the School Committee, Congratulations to Bridget Ray-Canada, Margaret Albright, Anping Shen and Matthew Miller (first openly gay School Committee member in Newton history) on their victories in contested elections last night. 
  • Thank you to outgoing Councilors Brian Yates and Dick Blazar for their dedicated service. 
  • The proposed Charter was defeated--thank you Commissioners for your dedicated work on this proposal. 

The State:

  • Massachusetts Democrats are celebrating Chalifoux Zephir for her primary special election win for State Senate in Worcester - we will need to help her beat the Republican nominee! - and newly elected State Reps. Andy Vargas in Haverhill and John Barrett in the First Berkshire district.
  • Full MA election results can be seen here and on the MA Dems twitter feed here.

The Nation:

  • Democrats retook Governor's offices in VA and NJ, passed Medicaid expansion in ME and did well in state legislative races across the nation. 
  • Boston Globe opinion piece: "Election Wasn't a Democratic Wave - It Was a Tsunami."
  • Scroll down in this email for additional interesting results.

Lastly, here are additional cool results from yesterday:

- A New Jersey politician who mocked the national women’s march earlier in the year lost his reelection to a 32-year-old woman. She was angry about his comments and decided to run against him. The story.

- A transgender woman beat a Virginia House of Delegates incumbent who introduced a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender individuals. The story.

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- A transgender man won a seat on the Erie School Board, making him the first openly transgender person to win elected office in Pennsylvania. The story.

- A gun victim’s boyfriend beat an incumbent with an “A” grade from the NRA. The story.

- A civil rights lawyer who sued the police department just became the top prosecutor in Philadelphia. The story.

- Manchester, N.H., elected its first female mayor, ousting a four-term incumbent. The story.

- A former Liberian refugee is set to become the first African American mayor in Montana history. The story.

- In Virginia, 14 state house seats flipped from Republican to Democrat making it the biggest Democratic pick up in that commonwealth since 1899. The story.

- The most important legislative seat on the ballot yesterday was a state senate contest in Washington State. The Democrat won, meaning that now Democrats control the governor’s office, and the House and Senate. Before the election, Republicans controlled the Senate by a seat. The story.

- St. Paul, Minnesota, elected its first African-American mayor. The story.

- Seattle elected its first lesbian mayor. (She’s also the first female mayor since the 1920s). The story.

- Hoboken, N.J. elected its first Sikh mayor. The story.

- Charlotte, N.C. elected its first African-American female mayor. The story.

- Topeka, Kansas elected its first Latina mayor. The story.

- A 93-year-old World War II veteran defeated an incumbent mayor in Titon Falls, N.J. The story.