Joe Kennedy: Our Fighter Against the GOP President's Agenda

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Joe Kennedy has been an early, outspoken & active opponent of the Trump Administration and GOP-led Congress.

On equal justice and civil rights:

On refugee policy and immigration reform:

  • After Trump’s disastrous Muslim Ban, Kennedy rallied in Copley Square with thousands of supporters. He also greeted incoming immigrants and refugees at Logan airport days after the Ban.

  • Down in Washington, he forcefully decried the ban during Congressional debate.

    • Kennedy said: “Mr. President, I hope you hear us loud and clear when we say that these actions are a disgrace to the country we all love. They are an insult to our Constitution and an embarrassment to the blood, sweat and tears that generations of Americans have shed in defense of Lady Liberty. So we will fight. We will march. We will protest. And we will win.”

  • Kennedy has been particularly outspoken on Trump immigration policies. After news broke of devastating raids across the country, he fired off a letter to Homeland Security Director Kelly and demanded that the Trump Administration come clean about any changes to immigration enforcement.  

  • He joined Senator Markey, SEIU, Health Care for All and other major advocacy groups for a rally to oppose these immigration policies and defend the Affordable Care Act.

    • Kennedy said: "I say this to you in the shadow of these statues, a memorial for the reason why my family came to this country, the abject failure of government to provide for their basic needs. And I say this hours after a new immigration policy that was announced that targets children the same way it targets hardened criminals. I say this knowing that whatever your name is — Ramirez, Gutierrez, Walsh, Kennedy or Trump — we are all families of immigrants."

On health care:

In addition…

Kennedy is a co-sponsor of the following pieces of legislation aimed at holding the Trump Administration accountable and limiting the impact of their harmful policy choices:

    • HR 804, the Protect NSC from Political Interference Act, in response to Steve Bannon’s appointment to the NSC.

    • HR 24, the SOLVE Act, to rescind and defund the Trump Muslim Ban.

    • HR 11, a Resolution of Inquiry demanding the DOJ release information regarding the Trump Administration’s communication with Russia.

Kennedy is also a signatory to the following:

    • Amicus Brief challenging the Muslim Ban in Darweesh et. al. v Trump

    • Letter to President Trump demanding that the Director of National Intelligence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff be reinstated to the NSC.

    • Letter seeking additional information about Judge Gorsuch’s campaign finance record.

    • Grassroots petition urging the Senate to reject Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Kennedy launched his third ‘Tour 34’ in January, which is his commitment to hold open constituent office hours in every city and town in the 4th District every term. His latest stop was in Needham, where he hosted a town hall on Feb 11, 2017.