2017 Newton Convention Delegates - Nominate One for an Award!

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2017 Newton Democratic Caucus on March 19 and especially to those who stepped forward ran for Delegate. We had a very successful event and all who participated should be proud of the day. 

Below please find the list of delegates from Newton. If you would like to reach them please email contact@newtondems.org. Also, if you would like to nominate one of these excellent activists for the 2017 NDCC Martina Jackson Delegate award - the person who truly embodies the spirit of "all-in" Democratic activism - please email contact@newtondems.org. The annual award will be given out in May. 

Ex-Officio Delegates Citywide:

Elected Officials:

  • Senator Cindy Creem, Representative Ruth Balser, Representative Kay Khan

Democratic State Committee Members from Newton:

  • State Committee Man David Albright

  • State Committee Man Bryan Barash

  • State Committee Woman Claudia Bowman Barash

  • State Committee Man Ted Gross

  • State Committee Man Jay Harney

  • State Committee Woman Martina Jackson

  • State Committee Man Ken Parker

  • State Committee Woman Holly Ryan

  • State Committee Woman Ruth Shapiro

  • State Committee Woman Sharon Stout

City Committee Chair:

  • Shawn Fitzgibbons

Ward Delegates:

Ward 1

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Janet Sterman

Elected Delegates:

  • Michael Atwell

  • Corey Beauvois

  • Kevin Bonham

  • Siobhan Cunningham

  • Carol Fulton

  • Nate Gibson

  • Ralph Ranalli

  • Nicole Rivilis

  • Caren Seagraves


  • Eric Turner

Ward 2

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Robert Fitzpatrick

Elected Delegates:

  • Jacob Auchincloss

  • David Backer

  • Adam Chaikof

  • Thelma Cromwell-Moss

  • Susan Church

  • Robert Fitzpatrick

  • Lionel Porter

  • Timothy Snyder

  • Ruhina Tahir

  • Margaret Van Gelder


  • Jessica Aker

  • Peter Bruce

  • Ruth Dain

  • Lukas Dringoli

Ward 3

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Larissa Hordynsky

Elected Delegates:

  • Joan Schulz

  • Shira Diner

  • Eugenia Marcus

  • Danielle Klainberg

  • Alexander Chang

  • Lorenz Glaser

  • Larry Bressler


  • Donna Sirutis

  • Barbara Brousal-Glaser

Ward 4

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Kenneth A. Krems

Elected Delegates:

  • Joan McGrath

  • Aaron Benjamin Foster

  • Paul Giragos

  • Joel Shames

  • Dale R. Smith

  • Rebecca A. Kanter

  • Emily A. McMains


  • Betty Chan

  • Victoria K. Gifford

Ward 5

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Dmitriy Gridnev

Elected Delegates:

  • Marcia Cooper

  • Sue Fliegel      

  • Bob Burke

  • Davina Fankhauser

  • Bill Humphrey

  • Emily Prenner

  • Herb Robinson

  • Simon Steele

  • Noah Weisskopf


  • Deb Crossley

  • Jason Paul

  • Michelle Drolsbaugh

  • Chris Steele

Ward 6

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Barbara John

Elected Delegates:

  • Martin M Heyman

  • Heather J Friedman

  • Susan Mirsky

  • Barbara John

  • Roger Spingarn

  • Kathleen A Shawn Bassett

  • Aiden S. Bassett

  • Nicholas Carter

  • Cara S. Goodman

  • Holly LeCraw


  • Sandra Davidow

  • Karen Bray

  • Donald Bermont

  • Daniel Habtemariam

Ward 7

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Allan Cole

Elected Delegates:

  • Phyllis Kirschner

  • Ruthanne Fuller

  • Rebecca Walker Grossman

  • Lisle Baker


  • Leena Saradnik

Ward 8

Ward Chair Ex Officio: Dan Clifford

Elected Delegates:

  • Margie Ross Decter

  • Matthew Miller

  • Virginia Vogt

  • Helene Stein

  • Marjorie Butler

  • Steven Hoffman

  • Robert Cohen


  • Myrna Cohen

  • Daniel Miller

  • Linda Green