The Newton Dems' "Resistance Resolution"; Your bold policy guide for the Trump era

At the June 1 General Meeting of the Newton Democratic City Committee members passed the Resistance Resolution - click here to view or scroll down - which can be a guide for good, bold policies to pursue during the Trump era. Even while the Democratic Party is in the minority, we can pursue these goals so we're ready to go when we are. The resolution contains values and specific policies that our members support at the federal level such as:

  1. Demand an Immediate investigation of Trump
  2. Defend the US Supreme Court from ideologues
  3. Support Medicare/Medicaid for all (HR676) and oppose repeal of the ACA
  4. Protect the right to peaceable protest
  5. A $15 minimum wage
  6. Modernize the Voting Rights Act and improve voting systems
  7. Free college and debt relief for students
  8. Paid medical and family leave for all Americans
  9. and Campaign finance reform

The full resolution is also pasted in below - we encourage you to read and take action on all the items listed by contacting elected officials and thanking them for their support while also reaching out across the nation to contacts in other states who can influence their elected officials too. 

The Newton Dems Resistance Resolution

Approved by the membership on June 1, 2017

Whereas the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress are advancing policies that undermine our Constitution, our democratic government, our civil liberties and our right to live in a free, fair nation with equal opportunity to participate, express our views and feel safe;

Whereas, the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress are taking unprecedented action to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of our country and further enrich their private and donor interests;

Whereas these actions and the normalization of their efforts will undermine and threaten our democracy;

 It is hereby resolved that the Newton Democratic City Committee:

  • Urges our elected representatives to call for a full and independent investigation of political and business activities that may have violated the U.S. Constitution and Federal Law.
  • Urges citizens to contact their elected officials and to write letters to the editor and to communicate on social media in support of this resolution.

We appreciate the strong leadership shown by those who represent Newton in protecting Massachusetts’s values and to strengthen our party message before the 2018 elections we urge them, and thank them where they have already done so, to:

  1. Do everything in their power to prevent the confirmation of federal judges who fail to demonstrate absolute commitment to the provisions of the Bill of Rights, particularly of equal protection, due process, the requirements governing warrants, the separation of church and state, reproductive rights and environmental protection.

  2. A. Co-sponsor Medicare-For-All legislation in Congress (HR 676 by Rep. Conyers and forthcoming Senate legislation) in order to move the debate away from Republican repeal proposals and back in the direction of further extending health care access beyond the Affordable Care Act. B. Oppose all conservative efforts to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act, which has provided health insurance to over 20 million new enrollees, and vigorously remind all that the Republican proposal will lead to more than 24 million people losing coverage while providing a 600-billion dollar tax cut to the super wealthy. Support legislation to expand the breadth and quality of health insurance coverage and to control costs for customers.

  3. Co-sponsor legislation to make unionization and collective bargaining easier, such as Sen. Ted Kennedy’s “card check” legislation proposed in 2009, as a response to so-called "Right to Work" legislation from Republicans. Combat (1) union-busting legislation and regulation and (2) evisceration of consumer protection laws and regulations, worker safety rules and OSHA protections;

  4. Co-sponsor legislation to protect the right of the people to peaceably assemble and stage protests, in light of state efforts to make protesting illegal, particularly on issues of racial justice and indigenous rights.

  5. Co-sponsor the $15 hourly federal minimum wage bill because it has been a decade since the last federal minimum wage law was passed and the real value of the minimum wage has declined for many decades.

  6. Co-sponsor or introduce a modernized version of the Voting Rights Act that meets constitutional requirements and is not geographically focused, since abuses to voter access have spread beyond the original territory of the VRA.

  7. Support new, secure, verifiable voting machines around the country with a legally required paper trail. Co-sponsor legislation to adopt same-day voter registration nationally, to strengthen federal early voting, and to establish weekend federal elections.

  8. Oppose any infrastructure proposal that relies primarily upon tax credits to the private sector and instead co-sponsor legislation for direct federal spending on, and loans toward, infrastructure upgrades.

  9. Co-sponsor legislation to prevent offshore tax avoidance by individuals and corporations whose real residences or operations are located within the United States and who make use of the U.S. legal and banking system to generate their wealth; co-sponsor the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

  10. Co-sponsor legislation to fund a return to a zero-tuition public university option in the states, open to all residents, and introduce legislation to provide student debt relief to Americans of all ages.

  11. Co-sponsor legislation to protect our nation’s natural resources and put a responsible price on carbon emissions.

  12. Co-sponsor legislation for federal paid family and medical leave of at least 12 weeks and legislation to repeal the Hyde Amendment while opposing any legislation or proposed constitutional amendment limiting access to abortion and contraceptives.

  13. Co-sponsor campaign finance reforms.

The Newton Democratic City Committee is proud of its elected representatives and is here to support them as they fight to defend our democracy.