To Joe DeNucci: Thank you and rest in peace.

We'll miss you, Joe. 

We'll miss you, Joe. 

Former State Auditor and State Representative Joe DeNucci passed away last week - a truly dedicated individual who will be dearly missed. Thank you for everything, Mr. Auditor.

 Here is the full Boston Globe write-up. We share some quotes below:

“Nothing against his boxing, but as a public servant, Joe DeNucci was one of the best I ever worked with — very knowledgeable, very committed,” Dukakis said on Friday. “He was one of my favorite people. He was a great legislative ally and — I can’t emphasize enough — a great committee chair. And he was a joy to work with.”

“When he saw racism, bigotry, homophobia, ethnic stereotyping, he stood up and said, no, that’s wrong; we can do better than that,” Steve Grossman, who was then state treasurer, said that day. “And we did because he showed us what the right pathway was.”

“We live in an environment that makes it very difficult, extremely difficult, if not impossible, for there to ever be another Joe DeNucci,” said Francis X. Bellotti, a longtime friend and former state attorney general who spoke at a State House tribute in January 2011.