Charlie Baker: Don't Believe the Hype


Governor Charlie Baker is commonly referred to as "popular" and "moderate". We're not sure why. Baker has worked to advance policies that are right in line with the Trump agenda, right here in MA. Here are some key points you should know and share with friends, if ever you hear someone say that Charlie is OK for MA. He's not.

Baker Backs Trump Health Care Agenda:

  • Did you know he wanted MA to be the only state in the union to roll back the expansion of Medicaid? While saying he opposed the GOP's efforts to repeal Obamacare, right here in MA he tried to take away healthcare from the state's poorest residents.

Baker Backs Trump/DeVos Education Agenda:

  • Charlie Baker worked hard to pass 2016 Ballot Question #2 which, if passed (thankfully, it didn't), would have allowed a dramatic expansion of charter schools in MA. Effectively, it would have paved the way for privatization of our state's public education system.
  • The largest campaign finance fine in state history: He even went as far as to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark, illegal campaign contributions to the corporate-lead anti public education agenda. Check this out:

Baker Backs Trump Anti-Immigrant Agenda:

Baker's Solution to the opioid Crisis - Reagan-Era Mandatory Minimums:

  • We know what that does - as this Boston Globe opinion piece notes - "All that higher penalties did was to swell the prison population, creating stunning racial disparities and the scandal of mass incarceration." We've been there and we've done that - it is not a solution to the opioid crisis. 

Baker Backs A Radical GOP Candidate for MA State Senator:

  • In the wake of revelations the Republican candidate for State Senate is against women’s rights, gay marriage, and transgender rights, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is calling on Republican Governor Charlie Baker to rescind his support of Jacob Ventura. “Jacob Ventura is a right-wing extremist that wants to strip rights from our LGBTQ community and women of the Commonwealth,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford. “LGBTQ rights and women’s rights are currently under assault and Governor Baker has chosen to endorse a candidate with a dangerous, bigoted view of the world. We call on him to immediately rescind his endorsement of Ventura.”