Reasons Jay is Great and Charlie is Not


Prepared by Massachusetts State Committee Member Bryan Barash

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Need motivation to make sure Jay and Quentin win this November
by State Committee Member Bryan Barash

Top 5 Reasons to support Jay Gonzalez:

  • With Trump in the White House, a Governor who won't stand up to him directly isn't good enough. Jay will stand up to Trump without hesitation and join Maura Healey in pushing back on his troubling agenda;

  • Jay supports fixing our broken transportation and education funding formulas and is willing to be bold by supporting policies like the Millionaire's Tax to pay for it;

  • A former health care executive who wants to move us to single payer, he knows exactly how to get us there;

  • As former Secretary of Administration and Finance when Deval Patrick was Governor, he has the experience to lead on day 1;

  • Jay understands that there are people getting left behind by our booming economy, and wants to ensure our policies help everyone.

Top 5 Reasons to oppose Charlie Baker: 

  • Charlie supports Trump on his immigration policy, otherwise he would not have actively worked against the Safe Communities Act which would've protected immigrants and instead filed a bill to suspend due process rights for "certain people" after the Supreme court struck down his policy of making our police part of ICE;

  • Charlie wanted to kick 140,000 people off Medicaid, to make it harder to prove you're homeless to get benefits, and supported a policy that punished mothers on welfare for having more kids, all of which were stopped thanks to the Dems in the legislature;

  • Charlie is only barely committed to transitioning MA to clean energy, saying we didn't need to do more this year and refusing to use even 1% of state dollars on the environment;

  • Charlie uses the power of our Governor's office to fund raise for and support candidates who are anti-gay, anti-trans, and anti-choice, while donating millions of dollars to the RNC that will be used by Republicans to try to hang onto Congress;

  • Charlie appointed conservative justices to the SJC, our state supreme court, who then voted to overturn longstanding precedent by taking the Millionaire's Tax off the ballot and taking that decision away from the people.