Links to Out-Of-District "Red to Blue" Volunteer Opportunities


The folks at SwingLeft Greater Boston have done a great job compiling and organizing campaign volunteer opportunities in flippable - Red to Blue - Congressional districts around the nation.

Click here for their Google Doc which stays up-to-date and lists volunteer opportunities for swing district candidates across the nation. Many ways to make a difference here in MA. Also check the national organization's website here for specific volunteer opportunities across the nation.

In addition, here are links to the SwingLeft events calendar for specific campaigns:


Join a group of canvassers from the Greater Boston area! After you RSVP, the discussion board within the event will enable you to arrange rideshares from Greater Boston. Or meet up at the canvassing site.


Would your group like to create its own canvassing events? We can show you how your group can create events and appear on the Swing Left calendar. Please email Susan Labandibar at


Carpool Information

Setting up carpool? Make sure you post the right information! Remember, if you post an event on Action Network, folks can talk about the details on the discussion board. Super handy!

  • Who (point person/email/cell phone)

  • Date(s)

  • Where you are meeting (address/landmark)

  • When/what time you meeting

We are looking at using this tool


View the ME-02 events calendar:

More Information ME-02

Canvassing NH-01

View the NH-01 calendar

More Information NH-01

Canvassing NH-02

View the NH-02 events calendar

More Information NH-02

Canvasses in NY-19

View the NY-19 events calendar

More Information NY-19

Canvasses in NY-22

More information NY-22