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On behalf of Newton Democratic City Committee, welcome to our website. The NDCC brings people together who are interested in politics, progressive causes and grassroots organizing in Newton. Consisting of members of Newton's eight active Ward Committees, NDCC activists are the foundation of local, state and national political campaigns. 

Ward Committee members and leaders are elected every four years as part of the Democratic presidential primary, or appointed interim to fill vacancies. To join the NDCC, contact your Ward leader (click here for their info) to become member or associate member, or stay tuned via email updates, Twitter, Facebook, or our live TV series.

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NDCC members vote on policy initiatives, run door-to-door campaigns, and coordinate fundraising and other grassroots efforts with local, state and national campaigns. On a regular basis, NDCC members have access to one-on-one conversations with officials from City Hall, the State House and Congress. Voicing their opinions and taking action on a host of issues, NDCC members gain valuable experience in government and grassroots organizing. For more information on NDCC procedures and responsibilities, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Newton Democratic City Committee and the Newton Democratic Party the same thing?

Yes!  The U.S. Democratic Party is organized around the country by state, city, town and ward committees.  The Newton Democratic City Committee is the Newton branch of the national Democratic party, and can also be called "Newton Dems" or the "Newton Democratic Party."

What is the difference between the Newton Democratic City Committee and the Democratic Ward Committees?

Think of the relationship between the U.S. and its states - the U.S. population is made up of residents of states.  It is the same with the Newton Democratic City Committee.  The NDCC is made up of the members of it's eight ward committees.  For more information, click here.

How frequent are meetings and other activities?

Each Ward Committee generally meets six to eight times annually.  The NDCC meets as a whole up to four times a year.  In between, there are often lots of events and (depending on the year) campaign activities in which you can participate.  Take a look at our events calendar to see what's going on this month.

Can I participate even if I am not a member?

YES!  All meetings are free and open to the public.  We welcome your participation.  If you are not a member, the only thing you can not do is vote on motions put forward during meetings.  However, if you are coming to meetings, why not join?!

Does it cost anything?

No. However, committee members are asked but not required to pay annual dues to their Ward Committee.  Also, the NDCC usually holds an annual fundraiser where contributions are encouraged but not required.  It's a good cause, and we hope you can help.