A Letter to You, from NDCC Chairs

Dear Friend,

Newton is a wonderful community for so many reasons.  Its great schools, walkable villages and a friendly, family-oriented lifestyle has so much to offer people of all ages.  Most importantly for us, it is a place where many residents are strongly committed to the values of the Democratic Party. 

Throughout Newton we are fortunate to have many dedicated people actively engaged in Democratic politics.  Each year our membership commits time and energy to support the election of inspirational Democratic leaders in our city, state and throughout the nation.  We know that the strength of our party is built on the involvement of people at the local level, and we work hard to keep this foundation strong in Newton.

If you are already involved with the party, thank you and keep up the great work!  If you are not, and would like to learn more, please consider getting involved today.  Come to a meeting, call up your ward chair or attend one of our events.  You are always welcome.  Membership in the Democratic Party of Newton is a great way to make new friends, meet neighbors and promote a philosophy of government which will uphold values we believe are so important to our country's success.

Shawn Fitzgibbons, Chair and Sharon Stout, Co-Chair

Our Leadership


  • Shawn Fitzgibbons, Chair: 300 Homer Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459 617-997-2577 or shawn@newtondems.org
  • Sharon Stout, Co-Chair 95 Pearl Street, Newton, MA 02458, 617-955-9881 or sharon-stout@mahoganygroup.com
  • Holly Ryan, Vice Chair, Ward 8, Newton, hollyvryan@gmail.com, (857) 231-0737
    Treasurer - Bill Sage
  • Secretary - Robert Fitzpatrick
  • Corresponding Secretary - School Committee Member Margie Ross Decter
  • District Vice-Chair (Wards 3,4,5,6) - Joan McGrath
  • District Vice-Chair (Wards 1,2,7,8) - Carol Fulton
  • Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer - Alderman Amy Sangiolo 
  • Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer - Cecelia Burks

Ward Committee Chairs (click here for contact information)

  • Janet Sterman, Ward 1 (Bryan Barash, Vice Chair, as designee)
  • Ruth Dain and Robert Fitzpatrick (co-chairs), Ward 2
  • Larissa Hordynsky, Ward 3 (Larry Bressler, Vice Chair, as designee)
  • Ken Krems, Ward 4
  • Don Ross, Jr. and Dmitriy Gridnev (co-chairs), Ward 5
  • Barbara John, Ward 6 (Jerry Glass, Vice Chair, as designee)
  • Allan Cole, Ward 7 (Peter Cohen, Vice Chair, as designee)
  • Dan Clifford, Ward 8

Ex-Officio members: (according to NDCC bylaws/click here for contact details)

  • State Treasurer Steve Grossman
  • State Senator Cynthia Stone Creem
  • State Representative Ruth Balser
  • State Representative Kay Khan
  • State Committee Man Ted Gross
  • State Committee Man Ken Parker
  • State Committee Woman Holly Ryan
  • State Committee Woman Ruth Shapiro
  • Former DNC Chair Debra Delee
  • Former NDCC Co-Chairperson Tim Snyder 
  • Former NDCC Chairperson Martina Jackson
  • Former NDCC Chairperson Priscilla Leith
  • Former NDCC Chairperson Tom Concannon
  • Former NDCC Chairperson Peg Hannigan 
  • Former NDCC Chairperson Dottie Reichard

Members appointed by the Chair

  • Hannah Banks, Campaign Finance Subcommittee Chair
  • Bryan Barash, State House Liaison
  • Audrey Cooper, Brunch Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Susan Davidoff, Progressive Issue Campaigns Liaison
  • Bernie Goulding, Event Logistics and Security
  • Steve Grossman, Electoral and Policy Adviser
  • Daniel Habtemariam, Finance Subcommittee Chair
  • Alderwoman Emily Norton, Environmental Officer
  • Gary Rucinski, Environmental Officer
  • Chris Steele, New Media Director
  • Dave Swanson, Outreach Subcommittee Chair
  • Stephanie Viola, Internship Program Director
  • Frank Wolpe, Legal Adviser to the Chair